Actress Greeshma nethrikaa - filmmantra

Greeshma nethrikaa , a screen actress and playwright who won a strong reviews for her off Boardway work 

Her best known roles in star-stubbed films like mahanayakudu ,  her performance in a desk nomination level. Her played characters shows her intense & ease on acting, it must be an opportunity to show case her multi-talents in industry.

More than an actress her interests makes her to play as script writer & story teller in auditions. Her selection on characters shows her passion & dedication levels on acting, Greeshma nethrikaa  makes her roles as challenges to try a new faces of actions in movies. Her mingled nature show how she works with team for film completions next, by Greeshma nethrikaa  nature she grabbed a good roles to play in movies in future. Greeshma nethrikaa  makes herself to a broadway opportunities in industry. She wants to make herself a great actress to opt for all kind of roles in movies, her goals are to do extravagant plays in films to grab a good appreciation from audience & to make them as fans of her by her beauty & passion on work.

Though industry has kept a red carpet to talented actress, its be on time to grab a good opportunity’s for proper recognise, that can be possible by our Greeshma nethrikaa

So we have to wish to  Greeshma nethrikaa a best successful opportunities for her future projects to reach her extant endeavours in film industry.