Film director agreement - filmmantra

Film director agreement - filmmantra
Dated : ...................
Mr. Xxxxxxxx

Dear Sir,
Ref: Your appointment as the Director & Screenplay Writer
for our Telugu / Tamil Feature film  xxxxxxxxx

With reference to the personal discussion the undersigned had with you, we are pleased to record that you have agreed to make available to us your services as the Director & Screenplay Writer of our forth-coming feature film  Classmates  in Telugu Language, in hereinafter referred to as the said film on the following terms and conditions:

The said film shall be produced under our own banner and/or under the banner of any of our sister concerns.

You will report for our work punctually and regularly as and when required by us at any time of the day and night and at any location whether indoors or out-doors and you will carry out your duties to our entire satisfaction.

You agree and undertake to be regular and diligent in your work and cooperate with us as well as with members of our staff. You will not create any dissatisfaction or obstacles resulting in affecting adversely the production of our film in any way.

That you agree to participate in the selection of artistes, music director, dance director, fight master, technicians, locations and dates of shooting schedule etc., all of which shall be finalised by us. As the Director, you will participate in all discussions pertaining to these matters and accompany us in searching for suitable locations.

The decision with regard to appointment of other artistes, technicians and others in our said film will vest exclusively with us.

7. We intend to start the shooting of the said film after 1st December, 2006 and that you assure us dates would be given by you for all our schedules till the end of the film shooting without fail irrespective of your commitments to any other Producers and / or films.


: : 2 : :

For your complete work as Director & Screenplay Writer for the said film including                      re-shooting or any other work which may be required to be done even after the said film is censored and released, we shall pay you all inclusive remuneration of Rs.00,00,000/- (Rupees 00000 only) including the remuneration to your personal assistants if any engaged by you, which shall be paid to you as under:

i) Rs........................(Rupees )
ii) Rs........................(Rupees )
iii) Rs........................(Rupees )
iv) Rs........................(Rupees )
v) Rs........................(Rupees )
vi) Rs........................(Rupees )
vii)      Rs........................(Rupees )

Provided however that in case we decide to do any additional shooting or re-shooting for any reasons whatsoever before or after the film is censored or released you shall render your services for such shootings or re-shootings giving top priority to our film irrespective of your other commitments without any additional remuneration.

All copyrights pertaining to your entire work in our film in all languages and versions shall vest exclusively with us and we shall be free to deal with the same, as we may deem fit and proper.

It is specifically agreed that in case we decide to defer production of the film and/or drop the project entirely for any reasons whatsoever before or after the commencement of the said work by you, the moneys paid to you by us till then shall be deemed to be full and final payment due and we shall not be liable to make any further payment to you on any grounds whatsoever and all the rights on the work done by you till such time will solely vest with us and you shall not make any claim of any nature. 

If due to any mishap or accident to any artist or technician or if the production of the film is held up or suspended for any time for any reason whatsoever, you agree that this arrangement will hold good on these very terms and conditions as and when the work of production is resumed.

You shall refrain from giving any Press information / Interviews on your own about the film / company without our prior consent.

14.You hereby agree to extend full co-operation and allot needed time for all the promotional campaigns planned by us including Pre/Post release TV coverage, live shows and special programs, interviews, trailers and promos through Print/TV/Web/any other media and also agree to attend all functions/ tours/ meetings/ programmes arranged by us as a part of publicity to audio / film.


: : 3 : :

16. You shall not make any changes in the approved story / dialogues / scenes / character of the 
      script before or during or after the shooting without our consent.

You shall not force or allow or plan anything either men or material to be used in dangerous / risky condition / situation which may disrupt shooting process or which may endanger the life of any artist / artists and which may prove prejudicial to our interests. 

You shall not take up any issues pertaining to payments / grievances on behalf of any artiste/s / technicians.

You shall not picturise any thing in the film that would amount to brand promotion of any product / person / institution without our written consent.

You undertake to be present for all the duties for all stages of film making including Story sitting, Rehearsals, Songs / Fights / Dubbing / Re-recording / Publicity or any of the activity that is concerned with the film and effectively discharge your duties / responsibilities in successful completion of quality film.

You shall not object the representatives / panel selected by us to see the daily rushes and also accept to do the modifications / changes / alterations / deletions / reshoots etc., suggested by us.

If due to illness, injury/accident or for any other reason, you fail to perform your duties to our full satisfaction in terms of this arrangement, we shall have the right of cancelling this arrangement or suspending the same till such time, as may be necessary, at our sole discretion. In such an eventuality, the moneys paid to you till then shall be deemed to be full and final payment due and we shall not be liable to make any further payment to you on any grounds whatsoever and all the rights on the work done by you till such time will solely vest with us and you shall not make any claim of any nature.

Under no circumstances we or our representative/s shall be called upon or required to deal with anyone other than yourself and it is agreed that none of the members of your family or friends or associates shall have any right to interfere with your work in our said film, in any manner whatsoever.

26. That you agree to our making use of your name in the credit titles of the said film, and for   the promotion of the film by way of advertisement, publicity material and campaign in all medias in the manner as we deem fit at our entire discretion. However, adding or deleting your name in the credit titles is at our sole discretion and you have no right / say in this regard.

Your traveling and other amenities will be as specified in annexure to this letter.

We shall deduct from your remuneration, TDS (Income Tax Deducted at Source) and all other applicable Central and State Government dues, taxes and other statutory obligations, at such rates and in such manner, as may be prescribed by the concerned authorities, from time to time.


You declare and confirm that we are always at liberty to terminate this arrangement / agreement without assigning any reasons whatsoever and in the event of such termination                (i) we shall be free to engage the services of any other Director & Screenplay Writer as we may deem fit and proper to complete the said film (ii) the moneys paid to you till the date of such termination of your services shall be treated as full and final payment for your complete work and we shall not be liable to make any further payment to you on any grounds whatsoever and (iii) all the rights on the work done by you till the time of such termination will solely vest with us.

You shall be responsible for the overall control of the production, subject to our supervision, and for completing the said film within the finally approved budget and schedule.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this arrangement, the final decision concerning all matters whatsoever pertaining to the production, completion and release of the said film shall always vest with ourselves and you shall always abide by the same. 

In the event of any dispute arising between the parties to this arrangement in regard to its interpretation or performance, either party can have recourse to the civil courts only in Ranga Reddy District in Andhra Pradesh, and the jurisdiction of any other Court of Law, Tribunal, Forum, Authority or Association is hereby expressly excluded.

In irrevocable confirmation of the above arrangement, you have appended your signature hereto below.

Thanking you,
For Ushakiron Movies I accept and confirm the above terms & conditions having read understood and agreeing to conform to the said terms and conditions in all respects.
Kindly Confirm

(SHAIK FAKRUDDIN) _______________
Producer Director and Screenplay Writer

: : 5 : :


We shall arrange at our cost your boarding and lodging in ________________of Ramoji Film City or outside equivalent during the period of your stay, on our work, in Hyderabad. Likewise, in case of shooting in outdoor or foreign locations, boarding and lodging of equivalent standard or the nearest possible shall be arranged by us, as and when required, at our sole discretion.

You shall not be entitled to have any exclusive personal staff such as personal assistants, boy etc. Our own staff will provide such services to you.

We shall arrange your travelling for all out station work.  You shall be entitled to travel by ________. However, due to exigencies of work, we may request you to travel by a higher / lower classes, at our sole discretion.

During the period of work, we shall provide you with conveyance on sharing / pickup basis.